ZTE Majesty Activation Process

In order to activate the ZTE Majesty, you first need to go through a series of screens that ask you for information about your settings, name, Google account, and if you want to use WiFi as well as activate your GPS settings.

All these settings are very important as with any Android phone, you need to pay close attention to the setup process.

When you power the phone on, there is a welcome screen which gives you the option of language.  The selected language is English so unless you want to change that, leave it alone and press the “Next” button on the screen.

Once you have selected NEXT, the phone will scan for WiFi networks.  This is done in order to conserve data and allow the set up to complete faster.  You can either select your WiFi network and authenticate, skip it (leaving WiFi ON), or you can also turn WiFi off from this screen.  If you skip this option, select the “Skip” button on the screen. (NOTE: if you do not select an option in a few seconds, the screen will timeout.  To turn the screen back on, press the side button on the right of the phone.  This button allows you to turn the lock on and off.

The next screen allows you to disable “Automatic date & time”, it is on by default.  You should leave this option on in order to have the latest time and to auto update when the time changes i.e. daylight savings time.
You can also select your timezone on this screen as well.

After selecting the time settings, you will be asked if you have a Google Account.  This step is VERY important because in order to take full advantage of Android phones, you must have a Google account.  The reason is, Google connects your account(s) to all the Google services like Gmail, Youtube and other Google services.  You can choose to set up a new account or use your existing Google account.  You can also SKIP this step and come back to it.
NOTE: You do not need to have a Google account to use your phone, but it is recommended.

After the Google account setup, you are asked to “Use Google Location”.  This is both good and not so good.  Specifically, it is good for location services such as ways to enhance searches and use maps.  Your location also helps with some apps that use your GPS location to provide you with more relevant results.  The not so great part is that when GPS is turned on, your battery runs out faster than if you do not turn on GPS.  By default, these services are off and you can come back and activate them as you need the GPS location service.

The next options are to include your First and Last name.  You can give your name or leave it blank by pressing the bottom right blue button labeled “next” a few times.

Lastly, you need to select Next on the screen that asks you to agree that your phone may receive updates from Google.  This part is necessary and after pressing next, your phone is setup and ready for use…

Your phone is not ready yet!!!  Since the ZTE Majesty uses Verizon lines, you must do one final thing:  Dial *22891 and listen to the prompts.

Dial *22891 and just sit back and listen to the prompts and the music.  Once the process completes, your phone might reboot and it is now ready for use.

Congratulations on your brand new ZTE Majesty!




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